The Problem with Anti-Sleep Training Rhetoric Pt 3

**It doesn’t consider the effects of sleep deprivation on babies or adults**

“Sleep training makes babies produce adrenaline and cortisol and that’s not good!”
You know who else produces a lot of adrenaline and cortisol? TIRED BABIES. Sleep-deprived babies. Exhausted babies. The number of babies (and adults!) I meet who are extremely sleep-deprived is staggering. Sleep is as fundamental of a human need as food, and babies need many, many hours of it.

Have you ever heard of a “high needs baby”? They’re often the ones parents don’t want to sleep train because they think the baby needs constant attention, holding, co-sleeping, etc. But what if I told you that many of those babies are just EXHAUSTED, and once their bodies get used to getting more sleep, they become much more easygoing and much HAPPIER?

Listen – if your baby and you are getting plenty of sleep without sleep training, that’s great! But that is NOT the case for many families.

There was a post in an attachment parenting Facebook group from a mom who was DESPERATE for sleep. She was beside herself. You could tell she was in tears writing it. One of the suggestions offered to her was “Put on the TV and let your baby crawl on you while you nap on the floor.” HOW IS THAT BETTER PARENTING THAN SLEEP TRAINING YOUR BABY?!

Please, PLEASE let’s stop torturing parents and babies by making them think sleep deprivation is an acceptable, even necessary, sacrifice.
(Yes, I said torture – sleep deprivation IS an international torture method for a reason.)

PS – if you want to know more about sleep deprivation, I loved this podcast (look past Joe Rogan. I promise it’s good.)

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