Sleep Coaching

What if we told you we could help you get your baby sleeping through the night, and that I would be right there beside you, holding your hand (metaphorically or literally) and supporting you every minute of the process?

Sounds like a dream, right? It can be your reality.

With a 2-3 day home stay from one of our sleep coaches, you will have the confidence to implement the most effective sleep plan for your baby, and the support to really follow it through to success.

If you’re beginning to despair of ever sleeping again, get in touch, and we’ll talk about how we can help.

How do I briefly and accurately summarize the miracle that occurred in our household, thanks to Devon and her sleep coaching? I don't believe I can, to describe what it felt like to go from the pit of sleep deprivation with our son to a baby who now wants to go to bed and sleeps soundly through the night.

Our son was a decent sleeper until around three months, when things took an ugly turn for the worse. Night after night, he woke repeatedly and was inconsolable unless held and nursed to sleep only to wake up a short time later, upset that he was no longer being held. His naps were similar, falling asleep in my arms then immediately waking once he was put down. Despite our hours of brainstorming, theories, and attempts, we could not figure out what would help him get the sleep he (and we!) desperately needed. We limped through the days and dreaded the nights. With two other young children to tend to and a household to maintain, my husband and I were running on empty.

Enter Devon and her sleep coaching. Two words: life altering. You forget what it is like to have a full, restful night of sleep when you haven't enjoyed it in months and start to think you never will experience it again. Then with Devon's advice and encouragement, it happens. You wake up realizing that your fantasy came true: your baby slept through the night! She explained things in such a way that I felt excited about, and confident in, my decision to help my baby learn how to sleep.

My husband and I appreciated the constant support to get through the tough times as well as the excitement and praise when we made progress. She truly restored our sanity and for that I will be forever grateful!)

Our lives are all dramatically different! Prior to working with Devon our little one would only fall asleep on my lap after nursing, and it would often take multiple attempts to transfer him to the crib, where he would sleep for only 20-25 minutes; after that we would either have to forgo the nap or let him sleep on our laps. So most of our day was spent sitting in a dark room with him napping on us (seriously). Now we can put him down awake and know that he will fall asleep on his own, which in and of itself is a HUGE life improvement (so much less anxiety!); we can rely on the fact that he will take a nap of reasonable length (allowing us to have a schedule); and all of the sleep (both during the day and at night) makes him so much happier as well. It had really gotten to an unreasonable place prior to this, and my husband and I were getting quite hopeless about it. After working with Devon, things have completely turned around

I think that sleep training just plain sounds scary, even if you know intellectually that it isn't going to be nearly as painful as you might imagine. For that reason alone I think it made a major difference to have Devon's support, both ahead of time and in person; I'm not sure I would have ever ventured to start it on my own, just out of fear, really. Devon's expertise is clear the moment you start talking to her about this. Most importantly, she was both highly attuned to my anxieties AND incredibly calm about the whole thing all at once. This was really important to me, in that I felt reassured by her expertise and calm energy while also not feeling foolish because of all my anxiety. She has also been amazing in her continued support, addressing any and all questions I have, which I really appreciate.

I truly can't imagine having done this without Devon's support. The difference in our lives just two days in was absolutely remarkable. I feel so much more confident now in my ability to manage our daily lives, which isn't something I necessarily predicted; that is, while I certainly hoped this would address the sleep problems we were having (and the results have really exceeded my expectations!) I didn't even fully appreciate how uneasy I had become, not knowing at all what any given day was going to look like. It's in Devon's nature not only to facilitate resolving the sleep issues themselves, but also to help instill a confidence in your ability as parents to continue to help your baby sleep. We are all so much happier!

Sarah S, Princeton NJ

My only regret is not contacting Devon sooner. I truly can't thank her enough. Not only did this experience give me back my evenings but it really impacted my son's demeanor. Devon helped coach me to get my baby to take two solid naps.

Before this experience, my little boy was cranky and clingy most of the day. Once he started sleeping throughout the day and night things changed. I now have a little boy who is so much happier and easy going. Thank you!


Devon, just wanted to say how jealous everyone is of is when we have Maia on the road. People are shocked at how quickly she goes down for naps and to bed. I mean, they are totally SHOCKED.

Me too. I still can't believe how lucky we are.

She was sleeping through the night by 5 months - All we do is change her diaper, read ONE book, and put her to bed.

I feel super blessed and way well rested.

PS: and did I mention that she does this while traveling, staying in friends' homes, and even abroad? Hallelujah!

Ana, Thai, and Maia, Alaska

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