How to Make an Ornament Wreath

Sometimes I blog about stuff you’ve made (mainly babies), sometimes I blog about stuff I’ve made, like my headboard. This post is a quickie tutorial as requested by some Facebook friends on how to make an Ornament Wreath for Christmas.

Last year, I bought a bunch of ornaments on super sale at Bed Bath and Beyond – one package of 48 in matte and shiny silver, gold, and pink. I had visions of a beautifully decorated tree, but a) cats, 2) tiny NYC apartment and iii) lots of December travel made me realize that was unrealistic, so I decided to make an ornament wreath! It is surprisingly easy.IMG_7392

What you need:

~Styrofoam wreath form

~Tinsel garland ($3 at Target)

~ Ornaments! I used 37 large, 8 medium, and 7 small, but you can use any combo of sizes. I recommend having a few small ones at least to fill in gaps.

~Hot glue gun and glue sticks that fit said glue gun (Did you know there are different sizes? I did not! Two trips to Michaels later…)

~Spray paint (optional) – they only had green wreath forms so I sprayed it silver. If they’d had white I wouldn’t have bothered.

~Ribbon for hanging (optional)


  1. Choose your favorite holiday movie and put it on! I made this while watching Scrooged, the 80’s classic.
  2. {optional} Spray paint your wreath form
  3. Glue the end of the garland to the back of the wreath and wrap it around and around until the whole wreath is covered. It doesn’t have to be perfect! You can shift it around when it’s all wrapped so it’s even. This is also optional, but I tried making the wreath without it and it really does help fill in the gaps and provides a base.
  4. {optional} Wrap two pieces of ribbon around the wreath form and tie and glue it securely – when you hang the wreath, you will tie these together in a bow. I used a wreath hanger so I didn’t do this.
  5. Place your large ornaments in the middle of the wreath to figure out how many will fit around. If they don’t quite fit right next to each other, eyeball a small space between them. If you start gluing before you test this out, I can’t be responsible for the big gap you end up with.
  6. Glue your large ornaments in the middle. Decide if you want to be OCD and have the top bits all facing the center. I didn’t do this but I regret it. It helps if you move the tinsel out of the way and glue directly to the foam, and hold them in place tightly while gluing. They won’t be perfectly secure but it will all come together at the end.
  7. According to tutorials, the next step is to glue the ornaments in an outer ring, but this didn’t work for me with the placement of the top layer – stuff just didn’t line up snugly. What I ended up doing was doing the outside and top in sections with the large and medium ornaments. I wish I had work in progress pictures, but really it was just a matter of filling in the gaps. Glue the ornaments to anything they touch – the wreath itself and the other ornaments, but be careful to hide the glue well. Be a little bit careful not to put two of the same next to each other but you don’t need to be OCD or crazy, it REALLY won’t be that noticeable.
  8. Use the smallest ornaments to fill in any noticeable gaps, same gluing rules apply.
  9. Hang up your wreath and admire your handiwork!



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