Why is my baby crying?

I don’t know what “Cry It Out” is.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: For the purpose of this conversation, the babies I’m talking about are healthy, growing appropriately, and 8 weeks and older. NOT NEWBORNS or babies with feeding or health issues. That’s a whole different ball game with an entirely different set of rules.  CIO. “Crying It Out”. Sleep Training. “Gentle”. “Traumatic”. “I don’t believe…

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Why is my baby crying? #1: Hunger

This is a question I get asked ALL.THE.TIME. Unfortunately, babies don’t come with a handy little readout or monitor screen declaring their levels of “Hungry”, “Tired”, “Bored”, etc. – wouldn’t it be SO NICE if they did, though? This post will be first in a series of reasons why your baby MIGHT be crying. Reason…

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