Multiply blessed

Birth is just the beginning.

Birth. Birthbirthbirthbirthbirthbirth. From the moment you saw that second pink line, (maybe even before!) you’ve been thinking about BIRTH. Natural birth, homebirth, hospital birth, epidural, birthing tubs, Hypnobirth, on and on the options go. There are birth advocacy groups, birth blogs, birth websites, birth classes, heated and endless birth debates…. and that’s GREAT, it really…

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Now offering:: Unicorn rides*

*At least, that’s how it will feel. What does an overnight doula do? I get a lot of questions about the overnight support we offer. Many people call asking for a “baby nurse” or “night nurse” (in quotes because they’re not typically licensed nurses), and I love telling them how and why a postpartum doula…

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An Open Letter to Guests

(I wrote this a while ago and it appeared in a whole bunch of major newspapers when the Royal Baby was born in 2013. It was also featured on NPR’s website,, and many other sites!) Family members and friends will flock to your house when you have a new arrival. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED…

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