Either you have a new baby or you’re expecting one (or 2, or 3…), and that’s awesome.

You’re probably going through a whole spectrum of emotions – crazy joy and unbelievable love, of course, but also apprehension, anxiety, and if your baby’s already here, exhaustion.  And that’s ok….we’re here to help.

I need help with...

We are here to help new mothers find peace of mind and confidence.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is in YOUR corner at all times, supporting and advising, but never {EVER} judging. Honoring YOUR choices and helping you figure out YOUR way of doing things.

We’re here to help with a combination of in-person visits, calls, texts, emails, overnight stays, and just being there.



Postpartum doulas are your best friend from the moment you see two pink lines through potty training.

We’re here to support you, no matter what happens or what choices you make.

Classes & Consulting


Tailored to your needs, in your home, just you & your partner. Childbirth, Breastfeeding, CPR, Newborn Care, and more!

We can answer your questions & teach you what you want to learn. 

Sleep Coaching


You’ve been a mom for a little while and you’ve got a handle on everything but SLEEP.

We have a plan to help you, from online group programs to in-home, one on.


Her emotional support, teaching, and friendship immediately made me feel so comfortable, and sure of my parenting even with being a nervous, unsure mother with lots of questions.


All in all, Devon made my transition to being a mother much happier. I know that I was much calmer and confident with my newborn girl through the skills Devon taught me.


She is extremely knowledgeable about babies and the needs of new moms and dads. Working with her was like having a great friend right there with me who just happens to know a lot about babies.